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-tiny house on wheels-

Tiny House





Would you like to own a house for a middle class car price without paying high rents, electricity-water-natural gas bills, dues?

We produce your tiny house that is suitable for all kinds of budgets, which you can use as a home, hotel or office, and can be positioned anywhere you want with different building options, in our factory and deliver it to your address, you do not have to deal with any construction process. With the possibility of custom design regardless of standard models, with 15-18-21-28 m2 options, on-site installation, septic tank pit and solar panel options, order today and we will deliver it to your address within 45 days at the latest. Call us for prices and more information, or fill out the form below and we'll call you.

What are the advantages?


Only with prices starting from 90 thousand TL. You can own a fully equipped tiny house for the price of a mid-range car.




Tiny Haos produces tiny houses that are suitable for use in all seasons with its high quality insulation system and insulation.




In Tiny Haos tiny houses, you will not feel different from your home with its quality materials and spacious living space. The only difference from your home is the size!



By positioning your wheeled or portable house in the region and plot you want, you will have the opportunity to stay in touch with nature, where you can escape from city life.


As a tiny house owner with your loved ones, you can plan your holidays alternately and share them in different places, since it is mobile.


Another advantage of minimal life is that you support the environment and nature by minimizing your electricity-water-fuel consumption.




Thanks to our experienced team of architects and interior designers, you can choose from design and price options in your tiny house order without being tied to a single model.

you can benefit.


Whether it is a wheeled or a fixed house, you can turn the whole world into your plot by moving it to another location whenever you want, since it is not tied to the land.


Our services


If you do not have a suitable vehicle to tow your wheeled house, or if you do not want to deal with the transportation of your fixed house, you can use our logistics services.


You can get support from us for infrastructure work where you want to park your Tiny Haos.

Ex: Ground preparation, septic tank pit, water and electricity connections.


If you are not going to use your home constantly, you can rent a parking space at our facility at affordable prices. You can visit it whenever you want and leave it back.


If you want to buy a Tiny House but you do not have a land and cannot decide where to buy it, you can take advantage of our land consultancy service with our expert business partners.